Absurd Reasons Why People Don’t Get Flu Shots

There are people who are unaware that there is such a thing as flu shots that will give the benefit of a flu free year. There are those who know about it but would rather be afflicted with the flu than take the vaccine.

The people who are aware of the flu vaccine but don’t get the shot can further be divided into two categories. There are those that simple don’t have the time for it because they take the flu virus very lightly. And, there are those who feel they are better off without the flu shots.

Here are some of the reasons why some people would rather not have flu shots nor let their kids have one.

1. Flu shots give kids autism.

Hollywood personalities Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are very vocal about this belief. But of course they are not doctors, they are comedians and you don’t really know if they are in character or being themselves.

This belief can be traced from a work done by Andrew Wakefield to show the relationship between flu shots and autism.

In science, anybody can do anything. Somebody can connect autism to the full moon but that theory won’t stand a chance, and so did Wakefield’s theory. His study was discredited and he was disgraced. But of course, a theory as ridiculous as that will live on forever.

2. The flu shots didn’t work before.

The flu shots didn’t work before-FluShotPricesFlu shots will only protect you from the influenza virus. It won’t protect you from the common cold.

A lot of people mistake flu for heavy colds and sneezing. Heavy colds can feel like flu but, without the usual pain in the joints and high fever which is a sign of an internal infection.

A lot of people also mistake the flu from intestinal flu. Intestinal flu will give you high fever just like influenza but, it won’t make your joints ache. Intestinal flu is only bacterial infection in the digestive system than can be taken care of by antibiotics.

3. Flu shots are bad for people with allergies on eggs.

Well, vaccines are prepared in eggs which will pose a problem for people who have severe allergic reaction to eggs. But, before you conclude that flu shots will be bad  for you, it’s best to have yourself tested because the flu shot has way too many benefits to be exempt from with just the notion of being allergic to it.

4. Some people don’t get the flu.

Superman was never shown as having flu but, we’re pretty sure that the actor who played Superman had one at some point in his life. Aside from the real Superman everybody will end up with a flu infection, maybe not once a year but at least one time or another.

If what is meant is that one might not get the flu within the year and would have wasted his money on the flu shot then, let’s take the case of a bank that hired security guards.

The bank that wasn’t robbed can’t say that they wasted their money on hiring security guards. The guards offered their protection and they need to be compensated. For all you know, the bank wasn’t robbed because they had security guards and thieves just looked for another bank that didn’t. It could have been the same case between your flu shot and the influenza virus.

5. Flu shots can give you the flu.

The flu shot contains a bit of the virus that’s not supposed to give you the flu but just enough for your body to build the proper antibodies from.

It is suggested that you should only take the flu shot when you are at your best health. The viral content of the flu shot is not enough to give a flu infection just as a half-pound slice of meat will not give you muscle strain as it should be easy enough to carry around in a plastic bag.

People can be so creative as to come up with so many reasons in avoiding the flu shot. You can only tell who are against it when the flu shot is conveniently presented in front of them and still decline the protection.

Most of the time, it’s just procrastination. Some people still ignore the gravity of the complications that can arise from a flu infection.

It is so easy to get flu shots as it is almost available everywhere. If you want the most convenience, visit any Target Pharmacy and ask for one. The pharmacy will always have a pharmacist available to give you your flu shot.

It’s a simple over the counter medical product. Before and during the flu season, a lot of pharmacies advertise the shots in very big bold letters so you can’t miss it.

It’s easier to get the flu shots than to be so creative with reasons against it. Make your life easier. Get your flu shot today!