Benefits of Having the Flu – SERIOUSLY

The flu gives you a bad headache. Your joints hurt and there’s that uncomfortable steam of hot air oozing out from the sides of your eyes. There’s a bad feeling in your throat. It feels like you just swallowed paste that is very salty. But surely, there must be a short list of things that’s good about having the flu.

Break from School

Perhaps the best benefit of the flu is that you get to skip school. This has to be so good that some kids even fake having the flu and stay in bed with droopy eyes just to escape going to school, at least until dad and mom leave for work.

If you have a project that’s due for the day, you’ll have an extra day to complete it.

If you have homework given the previous day and you haven’t done it, you won’t have to.

If you have a graded recitation that day which you didn’t study for, you are exempt from the embarrassment by not being there in class.

Break from School-FlutShotPricesIf you are always late for class, the principal won’t have the chance to call your attention because you are absent for the day.

Having the flu gives you so many advantages but, at the expense of the best things about school.

You don’t see your crush and you don’t get to hang out with your friends. Ergo, it’s best to be on a holiday when it is really a holiday so you get to enjoy the day with your friends and that very special friend.

Grandma’s Hot Chicken Soup

Mom calls grandma so she can come over to prepare your favorite hot chicken soup.

Grandma loves to do that. Walking four miles to get to you is really such a pleasure for her to be needed and given importance.

But, seeing that worried look in Grandma’s eyes may not be all that worth it. She’s 85 years old. It’s bad for her to worry.

The best way to see her is to go to her house for a visit and have bite of her cookies and other sweet homemade stuff.

Dad and Mom Buys your Favorite Food

Dad and Mom calls at noon to check on how you are doing, then, they ask for anything that you might like for dinner. The flu day is so special that you get to eat whatever you like. Dad and mom are even begging you to tell them what you like.

Finally, they get home and you open your takeout. It tastes like metal because you are sick.

Conclusion, it’s only good to eat what you like when you are well so they’ll taste good.

Gets the Family Together

Just before going to bed, mom and dad will check on you for a while, place their hand on your forehead one after the other to check on your temperature. They may even lie down beside you for a while. Grandma might even stay overnight.

But, they are all so worried and stressed to see you in that condition. Mom will probably not sleep, not even for a wink. She won’t let your Dad sleep either.

Having the flu is not so good after all. It’s better this way….

Best Day Ever

Set a special day of the year when your entire family can go to a Kroger Pharmacy to have your yearly flu shots.

Having the flu on a school day is bad. Having the flu on a holiday is worse. To make sure you are well and healthy to enjoy both school days and holidays with your friends, be sure to have your flu shot so that every day will be the best day ever.

Take grandma with you when you have your family’s flu shots so she can have her own. She will surely bake a basketful of her homemade cookies for everyone to binge on as dad is driving all of you to the pharmacy. Poor Dad, he can have the tiny bits and pieces of cookies at the bottom of the basket.

Having the flu is worse for old people, 65 years old and above because they’ll have a harder time recovering from the infection. Their weakened body is not at its best condition to fight the flu virus. If the infection resides to long, it might develop into more serious conditions like pneumonia which is a life threatening affliction.

Save your grandma from the risk and save yourself from the stress of her getting the flu.

Since the whole family is already together on this special occasion, treat yourself to a good lunch or dinner at your favorite family dining place. And as you raise your bottomless ice tea glasses for a toast say, “Here’s to a flu-free year of good health!”

Finally before we end, let’s change the title of this article to “Benefits of Having the Flu (Shot)”.