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Are you looking for information on where to get flu shots? You might want to consider inquiring with personnel of CVS Pharmacy, the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States. With more than 7,600 stores in the country, there should be a CVS Pharmacy outlet near you where you can inquire about CVS flu shot cost.

Below is the latest CVS flu shot cost:

Item Price

Without Insurance

Between 2-65 Years (Per Individual) $31.99
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Per Individual $51.99


Between 2-65 Years (Per Adult) $0.00
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Per Adult $0.00


Between 2-65 Years (Single Person) $0.00
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Single Person $0.00
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CVS Pharmacy History

CVS Pharmacy has been in existence for more than 50 years. The first store was established in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts and used to sell health and beauty items. Its name stands for Consumer Value Stores. It was founded by the enterprising duo of Stanley and Sidney Goldstein with their partner Ralph Hoagland.

A year later, the chain had grown to 17 stores. To strengthen its brand, the company developed a logo which showed the CVS banner inside a shield, plus the words “Consumer Value Stores” placed below. The logo would then be displayed on store exteriors. Before the end of the 60s, the pharmacy was bought by Melville Corporation.

The acquisition only made the pharmacy bigger. In 1972, it acquired more than 80 outlets of Clinton Drug and Discount which enabled CVS to expand to Indiana and the Midwest region. Two years later, its network had grown to 232 stores with sales reaching $100 million. Expansion continued with the acquisition of the Mack Drug chain based in New Jersey and which had 36 outlets.

CVS Pharmacy Growth and Development

In the 80s, the company’s annual sales reached $1 billion for the first time. Much of its success was due to its continued expansion, with the number of outlets breaking past the 400-store mark by 1981. In 1988, the company ushered in its 25th year with nearly 750 outlets and sales reaching the $1.6 billion mark.

The new decade saw the company acquiring People’s Drug chain which had 490 stores back then. The acquisition enabled the company to enter the mid-Atlantic region including major markets like Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

In 1997, the company acquired the 2,500-store Revco chain, almost tripling its 1,400 stores. Two years after, it acquired the first online pharmacy,, and renamed it as In the same year, it launched its CVS ProCare Pharmacy that is dedicated to complex drug therapies.

The new millennium saw the company continuing to expand. In 2006, it acquired the drug store operations of Albertsons, a supermarket chain. The agreement included the purchase of 700 drug stores operating mostly in the southwestern and Midwestern regions of the country.  The said deal has also catapulted CVS as the dominant pharmacy chain in the southern Californian market. In 2004, the company achieved a milestone as all of its stores were able to accept electronic prescriptions.

CVS Pharmacy Flu Shot Information

High dose CVS flu shots are available for adolescents through seniors.  A high dose CVS flu shot is administered by a certified pharmacist. Patients can walk in or set up an appointment.

High dose flu shots are particularly effective for people aged 65 years and above. Seniors have weaker immune systems that place them at greater risk of getting sick with the flu. Aging likewise affects the person’s ability to respond well after receiving a flu shot.

High dose flu shots have four times more antigen compared to a regular flu shot. With more antigen, a high dose flu shot makes it possible for the elderly to develop a more responsive immune system and this protecting themselves better against the flu.

Parents who want to have their kids immunized against the flu virus may bring their children to Minute Clinic, the retail medical clinic arm of CVS Health, the mother company of CVS Pharmacy. In Minute Clinic, children as young as 18 months can be given flu shots.

In case you are wondering about CVS flu shot price, you must know that at CVS Pharmacy, your flu shots may be free of charge if your insurance plan covers flu shot as a preventive service. To make an appointment at a CVS Pharmacy near you, click here. It would re-direct you to the company’s My Immunization scheduler page.

Find a location by typing in your ZIP code or choosing your state or city. You should also indicate your or the patient’s birthday. The browser will then refresh, and ask you to select up to four immunizations. Choose flu and refine your search by choosing the date range, and the time of the day you want to be immunized.

Then select from the list of CVS Pharmacy outlets on the right side. The list also indicates which of the CVS stores require appointments. Once you have chosen the CVS Pharmacy where you prefer to go, enter your personal information. After entering all your personal details, verify your appointment. You can also re-schedule or cancel an appointment, or view your appointment details, by going to the My Immunization scheduler page.


  1. Carolyn Arness Reply

    I just returned from a CVS that I use regularly. I went hoping to walk in and get a flu shot. The tech told me that it was so busy that I would have to wait. I asked how long. She said 30-45 minutes. I said ok, I’d wait. She then said they needed my information to see if my insurance would pay for it. I have Medicare. She then announced that they wouldn’t pay for it–that I would need to go to a Minute Clinic or Dr’s office. She said Medicare won’t pay the convenience fee they charge. Is this the truth?

    • Judi Alves Reply

      The same thing just happened to me. My sister who’s in TX was successful at getting her flu shot at the CVS pharmacy in a Target store. She has Medicare. Can’t imagine that it varies state by state. I tried calling – was on hold for 20 min and then was told I had to be transferred. After another 5 minutes I was told to call back as my call couldn’t be processed!! Totally frustrated. I went to Costco pharmacy.

      • Truth Reply

        Costco has flu shots for $14.99 and you don’t have to be a member. It’s a federal law that they must allow non members to pharmacy services.

  2. Antonio Reply

    Do I need a prescription to get a flu shot in nyc? I premise I am a foreigner and I will be traveling with a private health insurance.
    Many thanks

  3. Uschi and Lorenz Reply

    My Wife and I went to the CVS in Key Biscayne yesterday and got a flushot.
    We pay for the flushot pro person $ 64,99.
    Now I read in your Homepage the flowshot for adults over 65 is free.
    Can you explain me please this Situation?
    Thank you for your Time!

    Best Regatta

    Uschi and Lorenz

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