Why You Should Not Wait For the Flu to Happen

Most of the time you know when the flu has just hit you. It’s just that bad a feeling.

All of a sudden you have lost that lust for life and you just want to lie down and sleep. Instead of feeling better while you sleep you feel a headache. You twist and turn on your bed in search of a blanket as you feel that chill that forces you into a fetal position. You wake up in the morning tired from your long sleep and you know it. You’ve got the flu.

You could have avoided it if you had a flu shot within a year or less. Since that option of preventive medicating is out of the question, let’s deal with the problem at hand.

Here are 10 things you can do to help you get through the flu with the least sufferings.

1. Let the symptoms flow

Most of the uncomfortable symptoms that go with the flu are your body’s response to the infection. They signal the start of the healing process so let them be.

The fever sets up the heat that makes the blood circulate faster, carrying the germ fighting proteins to every region of your body. And, the coughing lets you expel the mucus that’s blocking your air passage.

2. Blow your nose as often as possible.

Blow your nose as often as possible.-FluShotPricesMake sure tissue is always available so you can sneeze anytime you have to. Remember, these are germ carrying mucus and you want to get rid as much of them as you can. Don’t sniff them back into your system.

But, avoid blowing your nose too hard. The pressure might send them to your ears which will add up to your problems.

3. Rinse your nose with warm salt water

Mix salt with warm water and rinse your nose occasionally with salt water. This will help break up the congestion in your nose and remove the virus particles and bacteria.

4. Keep warm and rest.

Keeping warm and resting will give your body a chance to concentrate on fighting the virus. It’s going to be a very taxing battle and the best help you can give your body is to give it fewer things to take care of.

5. Gargle often.

Gargling with warm water with salt will soothe and moisten your throat. This will relive it of tightness that’s created by the buildup of mucus.

6. Keep yourself hydrated.

The worst thing that can happen in a flu case is dehydration. Hot drinks are preferred because it will soothe the inflamed membranes that line your nose and throat.

Never drink alcohol when you are down with the flu. Forget the notion that the alcohol will cleanse your system and kill the bacteria. That’s a different kind of alcohol you are thinking about. Whiskey, vodka and other alcoholic drink will wear down your system and dehydrate you. Have fun when you’re not sick.

7. Treat yourself to a steamy shower

Steamy showers are relaxing but you might drain yourself by standing for too long. You are still sick so take a chair with you in the bathroom and take that shower sitting down.

8. Put moisturizing cream under your nose

Sneezing and blowing will soon irritate your skin and you will have to do more of those until the colds or flu subsides. Keep that skin directly under your nose moist at all times.

9. Put an ice bag on your forehead

The worst parts of the flu are the headaches. The best way to relieve yourself of the headache is to place an ice bag on your forehead. This will help you sleep. Once the fever goes down, you’ll lose the headache as well.

10. Elevate your head

Why You Should Not Wait For the Flu to Happen-FluShotPricesSleeping with your head up a bit more than normal with an extra pillow will help you breath more comfortably.

11. Eat flu fighting foods

Eat a lot of bananas, peppers, blueberries, carrots, mustard, onions, rice and drink lots of tea.

12. One month after you’ve recovered from the flu, get a flu shot.

Prevention is still better than looking for a cure.

You won’t catch the flu for months after recovering from one because your body will have developed antibodies against it from the latest infection. But, the farther you get from the actual experience of the flu the more likely you’ll forget about its pains and discomforts and stir you away from the urgency of a flu shot.

The best time to get a flu shot is before you catch the flu. But, the second best time to get it is when the memories of the flu ordeal is still fresh in your mind.

If you haven’t taken your flu shot yet. Proceed to the nearest Walgreens Pharmacy and ask for one. As soon as you buy your flu shot over the counter you can request for one for their pharmacists to inject it on you.

Always remember an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.