Good Reasons to be Vaccinated Against the Flu

Advancement in the fields of health and medicine has practically erased most of the epidemics in many parts of the world. Records showed that for 31 seasons in the U.S. between the years from 1976 and 2007, it is estimated that fatalities due to flu came as low as 3,000 to a high of around 49,000 victims. Flu season in the US starts as early as October and lasts as late as May. Influenza is a serious disease that should not be taken lightly as it can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death.

Until today, flu viruses are circulating at higher levels in the US. The option to prepare for the coming annual seasonal flu is to have a flu shot or the nasal spray flu vaccine to prevent it from spreading to others. There will be less flu contamination when more people get vaccinated against it.

Reasons to get flu shot

  1. Reasons to get flu shot - FluShotPricesPrevent missing work – You’ll not be able to report for work and miss that weekly paycheck. No doubt, if you have your choice between getting the flu and going to work, you should prefer work.
  2. Protection for your kids – The little ones are always susceptible to this malady as an annual report recorded approximately 20,000 kids below 5 years hit by the infection and even worst was that last year, there were about 140 children who died from flu complications.
  3. Protection from new flu version – The trivalent flu vaccine released for 2015-2016 has 3 flu strains (2 A’s and a B strain) and the two are new for this season. The new quadrivalent version of the flu vaccine protects you against two A and two B strains.
  4. Availability of vaccines – The flu vaccine is affordable and convenient since you don’t have to wait in long lines or make a future appointment. Flu vaccine can be found at most pharmacies and major retailers and other outlets.
  5. Protection for seniors – The Fluzone High Dose vaccine gives more protection for seniors for it is specifically made for those who are 65 years old and older adults. Fluzone has 4X the amount of antigen of the regular flu vaccine. This higher dose provides the elderly a stronger and better immune response.
  6. Protection for pregnant women. – Mothers-to-be are protected from the flu and it is also a protection for newborn babies during their first six months of life. At this time, infants are too young to receive the vaccine themselves.
  7. Get an early start – Flu season starts early and it takes about two weeks after your vaccination for the full antibody effect to develop and provide flu protection. It’s advisable to get vaccinated in August, September or early October, before the flu season is really in full swing.
  8. Flu is not a common virus for the illness is devastating and you will be flat on your back and its effects can span over 2 weeks. This is a lot of time to be out of circulation
  9. Avoiding influenza – Getting a flu shot often protects you from coming down with the flu. Flu vaccination this year offers immunization from against flu virus H1N1, including two other strains that might be circulating during this season.

There is absolutely no reason why you should shy away from flu shots. Everything is made easy for you. Target  or Rite Aid has flu vaccines available at all of their Pharmacies and Clinics nationwide. These vaccines are also available in preservative-free options. Visit Target Clinic® for flu vaccination needs. If you value your health and your love ones, go now!