Why You Should Get Vaccinated NOW

With all the buzz anti-vaxxers are making over getting jabs, it’s really hard to say which side is right because of noise each side is making. But no matter how much noise these people make, at the end of the day, it’s all about the facts.

Vaccines aren’t actually the cure to make you immediately immune to the flu. What a vaccine does is it improves your immune system by enabling it to make antibodies that can fight against the flu virus. Think of it as an injectable blueprint of a secret weapon for your immune system. After taking in the vaccine, the body just needs a few days to produce the said antibodies and once they’re up, your resistance is complete.

But then there are those that say that vaccines are bad and that they cause the flu in the first place on top of other accusations. Fortunately, the facts have sided with vaccines. They are an important upgrade to the immune system for several reasons.

They Allow us to Adapt to the Flu

How Vaccines Work-FluShotPricesJust like cockroaches, viruses have a certain tenacity to them. With each passing year, viruses grow more and more complex. That makes them harder to detect and to destroy. That is why annual Flu vaccinations are important. As healthy as we can be, we can’t ask the white blood cells in our bodies to evolve as fast as Influenza does. It doesn’t work like that.

But with a vaccination, you don’t have to pray that your immune system can keep up with the evolution of the flu. Through a vacation, your immune system will be able to develop the proper resistance to the most advanced mutation of the flu. That is peace of mind worth having.

They Save Money and Time

There are cases of flu wherein all one person needed to do was to stay at home for a week or so. But it would be foolish to think that all people were built alike. We all have different levels of tolerance against the flu. And getting a vaccination helps you increase your resistance no matter what your medical background may be. Would you rather spend a measly amount on a shot or shell out thousands of dollars for medication to deal with the complications of the Flu such a pneumonia?

On top of being affordable, they’re also easy to get. You can even get flu shots from some of the most trusted brands in the market such as Costco and Target.

The Consequences Are Dire

A certain Donna Barrett spent six weeks in the hospital because she wasn’t vaccinated. What started out as a fever and a week of rest turned out to be one of the strangest ordeals she’s been through.

After being first diagnosed with the flu, she decided to rest the next day. But when night came, she had to call for an ambulance because she was beginning to have difficulty breathing. She arrived at the hospital around August 1.

When she woke up, it was September 17. She was in a coma the whole time. During that time, she could have lost the battle against swine flu could never have woken up at all. After surviving the ordeal, this 53 year old nurse is now an avid supporter of vaccination. She was assisted by a ventilator and a tractotomy during her coma. She couldn’t believe the date when she woke up.

It is a serious problem. And people in the medical industry are united in this case. Donna’s case only represents one particular event. Should things happen to someone else, they could be worse or even stranger. But no one would want to afford the luxury of finding out what would happen to them if they caught the flu.

The Myths Aren’t True

Vaccinations aren’t meant to cause the diseases they’re supposed to protect. That’s a plot solely meant for the movies. If your doctor prescribed these jabs, they are held by their Hippocratic oath to make sure that their advice is beneficial for you. It’s their job to do so.

Don’t believe everything you hear from overprotective mothers who are too scared of autism. As of today, no link has been established between vaccinations and autism. There also hasn’t been any link between vaccination and other diseases. The only link that vaccination has is towards resistance to the flu. And the relationship is a direct proportionality. If you get vaccinated, you can resist the flu. Period.

There is also this talk about side-effects from vaccines. Although it is true that all forms of medication have their side effects, that doesn’t mean they’re bad in general. As for flu vaccines, the worst things you can experience are chills, light swelling round the injected are and a low fever. Compare those to a coma.