Is It Too Late for My Child to Get a Flu Shot?

As a parent, your child’s wellbeing is definitely one of the most important things in the planet. If you can protect them from all the things that can hurt, you’ll do it. This makes vaccines great, because they can help parents rest assured that their little ones are safeguarded from serious illnesses.

The Flu Vaccine for Kids

The flu vaccine is one of the most popular kind of shots available for kids. As the flu is a contagious disease that is can have serious to fatal results, preventing children from contracting the disease is highly necessary. Vaccines for influenza are made available before the flu season, which runs from December to March. Shots are already available from September to mid- November, so once the flu season rolls in, parents can already be guaranteed that they’ve lessened the risks of their little ones getting sick.

Who Should Get the Vaccine?

The flu vaccine is recommended for children aged six months and older. Kids under four years old have high risks of contracting influenza, so make sure to get your little ones vaccinated. Adults are also encouraged to get the shot, especially senior citizens aged 65 and above as their immune systems are already weakened by age.

The vaccine is also safe for women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon, as well as new mothers and breastfeeding moms. The shot can further boost their immunity, keeping them in good shape to care for their little one.

Those who have compromised immune systems should also get an influenza shot right before the flu season. Caregivers and those who work with high risk groups should also consider getting vaccinated as they are highly prone to contracting the flu.

Is it Okay to Get the Vaccine Late?

If you’ve missed the initial window for getting the flu shot for your child, fret not. It’s still perfectly okay to get it late. Just make sure that they get vaccinated within the flu season, so the vaccine can still protect them from the spread of the virus. Keep in mind, though, that the vaccine requires a two-week incubating period, so if you’re getting a late shot, please don’t make it on the last days of the flu season.

Flu shots are the best protection against influenza. So make sure you keep your kids safe from this illness by getting your kids vaccinated in time for the flu season.