Why Have You Not Taken Your Flu Shot Yet?

The alarm goes off exactly at the same time at 4:30 am. It’s a regular weekday but you’re unsure what day it is exactly. You used to just jump up from bed, sometimes even beating the alarm but, today is unlike any other day. You feel so sleepy and your nose is so stuffy. There is something definitely in there. You can feel the hot air steaming from your eyes. The pain in your joints tells you that it’s that time of the year when you’re down with the flu.

The flu infection hits you at the worst time. It hits you when you have the most things to do, the stressful things that need your attention.

Probably that’s just what it is. The flu season is definitely here and you had been working and stressing out this past few days. This caused your immune system to drop their defenses and you are the most likely person to catch the virus.

The Burden

Who’s going to take the kids to school? Who’s going to do the product presentation? Who’s going to fix you a hot chicken soup? As always, if you can’t do them then, it won’t happen. It could have been flattering if this was stated in another situation. But, the fact is that you are the power plant of the family and when you’re down everything else goes down with you. You simply can’t afford to be sick. But, you are.

The Risk

The Risk-FluShotPrices.comMost people think of the flu as something that is as trivial as a small scratch on your knee. But, something as simple as a knee scratch can develop into something more serious. Untreated and neglected, the common flu could be deadly.

There had been so many cases of asthmatic people being rushed to the emergency room all because of an undermined and unattended flu infection.

There had been so many morbid tales of elderly people dying of pneumonia due to a flu infection that stayed on just too long for the old weakened body to recover from.

Yes, the house patient that looks a little funny with an ice bag on his head and a thermometer sticking from his mouth can get it worse. The same bedroom scene can be transformed into a costly worrisome hospital scene.


The flu virus is one of the most communicable viruses. The flu virus is spread through a hundred coughs and sneezes in constant search of a new host. Anyone with a temporarily weakened immune system will be the next lodging for these troublesome viruses.

No amount of Vitamin C can protect you from acquiring the flu virus. No matter what Vitamin C product ads say about being able to keep your immune system at its peak 24/7, no one should ever believe that’s possible.

Now that you have the flu virus, you are likely to contaminate another member of your family and so, your emotional and physical burdens will continue and become worse. You will only be a patient for a while then, you become the nurse, attending to a sick child or partner. You’ll definitely find this to be even more stressful.

The Responsibility

You can do something about this. All it will take is a short trip to a Costco Pharmacy or Rite Aid Pharmacy and have your yearly flu shot. If you’re scared of a tiny needle then, that’s embarrassing. If you are not scared of the needle and you simply can’t see the importance of a flu shot or if you do but simply cannot sacrifice a few minutes of your time for a short drive to the pharmacy then, that is even more embarrassing because that is so irresponsible.

You are Important!

You are Important-FluShotPrices.comGive yourself importance. You are an important unit in your family and office. You may or may not have something important to do all the time but, your presence is always a must.

Things won’t be the same if you are stuck in bed under several sheets of blanket and not where you should be. Your family and your employees or co-employees will be at a loss without you. Take your flu shot and be there when you are needed the most; that’s all the time.

Keep yourself Safe!

Think of your health first and foremost. You can only take care of your family and work if you are healthy.

If you are the selfless parent who has forgotten about himself and his needs then, think about your kids when you take that short trip to the Costco Pharmacy. As the head of the family, what’s best for you is what’s best for them. The same goes for your employees as you being the head of your unit.

Keep your Family Safe!

If you still can’t find the time to go to the pharmacy for your flu shot then this might work:

Take your wife and kids to the pharmacy for their flu shot and have yours while you’re there.