Caught the Flu? Here are Things You Must Do Fast to Lessen Complications

You woke up one morning and realized that you have the dreaded flu. What should you do? Instead of sulking in a corner and resigning that your whole week will be spent in your bed, here are things that may make you feel better and even enjoy the next days – despite having the flu.

Go for the antivirus pills

If you do have a flu, you can take some prescription antivirus pills. Apart from pills, you can also take either the inhaled or injected form. These are effective especially if they are taken during the first few days of your illness, thereby reducing the seriousness of your sickness and lessening the severity of the symptoms. They are highly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in providing relief in case flu does set in.

Get some cold and flu relievers

Get some cold and flu relievers-FluShotPricesHave some antihistamines and decongestant medicines – these two effectively offer great relief to the common symptoms of a flu or cold, such as coughing, tearing eyes, and runny nose. Cough drops or lozenges can provide relief to an itchy throat, although it is not advisable to young kids who tend to eat them instead of letting them stay and melt inside the mouth. There are also cough remedies that have dextromethorphan, which is a powerful suppressant. However, it must be limited to adult usage since cough syrups had been subject to serious abuse among teens looking to enjoy a high.

Drink plenty of water or juices

It is a relief for those who have flu to take in as much water as they can during the day. Drinking plenty of fluid is an advice that’s considered as an effective remedy. Especially if you have a fever with your flu, you risk becoming dehydrated. In fact, the recommendation of the Health and Human Services Department is for everyone with flu to take in lots of glasses of clear fluids – water, chicken broth, juices, or sports drinks. For those who suffer an upset stomach, they may take it by sipping via a straw. It is also refreshing to suck some ice cubes.

Stay in your bed and rest

If you have the flu virus, the best way to recover fast is by staying at home and enjoying the confines of your room, not only for your sake but those of others as well. You are bound to recover soon if you spend most of your time lying in your bed and resting. At the same time, you avoid spreading the virus to other members of your household. Even if you think you can handle it and insist of going to work, decide otherwise since fever and cough are symptoms that greatly wear you down and make you ineffective in doing any task. Stay in your room and keep yourself confined to prevent the virus from spreading any further. Take advantage of a humidifier if you have any difficulty breathing.

Take some zinc

Experts recommend the use of zinc supplements for those with flu and colds since they are known to boost one’s immune system. However, the FDA has advised against the use of zinc nasal gel since it causes one to permanently lose his sense of smell. Zinc supplements are likewise proven to lessen the symptoms of the common cold, being a known effective booster of the immune system. When it comes to the right amount of zinc to be taken safely, it is a must that you ask your doctor or health provider. They can be obtained from supplements or through natural sources such as whole grains, which are very rich in zinc. Avoid taking too much zinc as it is highly toxic when ingested in high doses.

Remember your daily vitamin intake

Another way of boosting your body’s protective mechanism against the flu is the vitamin. At least, vitamins are effective in reducing the symptoms that you will have to suffer if you catch the flu virus. We do love to take our vitamins, like C and B plus; however, it is a must not to take too much. For instance, in the case of Vitamin C, too much dosage can cause you to suffer diarrhea. While no experiment has strongly linked vitamins to treating the flu and colds, they can be depended upon when it comes to improving the overall wellness and outlook of the patient suffering from a flu.

Value of the Flu Shots

Don’t want to suffer the nasty symptoms of the flu virus? You can virtually shield your body from it by having yourself vaccinated with the flu shots. These shots are easy to be had since they are sold at affordable prices in major drug stores such as Target and Walgreens. Most companies are willing to administer them to people for free. Avoid enduring a week of stay in bed, worn out with all the aches felt in every part of the body. Go and have the flu shot. It’s priced so reasonable that it will not cause any problem in your budget. More importantly, you enjoy the full year of protection that it offers.