7 Habits That Will Make You Invincible From Flu Attacks

Some people are lucky. They have never been sick for many years. The flu virus can’t get to them even when all those around them are already felled by the disease. There must be something that these types of people are doing to have that kind of immunity to diseases.

You Can Also Be Invincible

In fact, there are things that you can do to make yourself immune to any kind of pathogen, especially the flu virus. These ‘immune’ people are only that way because they have developed healthy habits that made them impenetrable to any kind of disease.

7 Healthy Habits that Will Make You Impenetrable to the Flu Virus

There are actually 10 habits that can produce a very strong immune system. By learning and practicing these healthy habits, you too will be able to walk around during the flu season without catching its virus.

1. Steer away from people with flu.

Steer away from people with flu-FluShotPricesThis is perhaps the best way you can avoid catching the flu. By avoiding close contact with a person already afflicted with the disease, you dramatically increase your chances of not getting the virus.

This places the responsibility to those who already have the flu. They need to stay at home and not go around spreading the virus everywhere they go.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Wash your hands thoroughly-FluShotPricesEvery time you get home from work, school, or the mall, you have to wash your hands. Don’t forget to do this because you never know if you have touched something or someone that is already infected with the flu virus from wherever you came from.

In fact, washing your hands is a healthy habit that you need to develop whether it is the flu season or not. Washing your hands will shed off all the minute pathogens that you can’t see which have attached themselves to your hands and which can wreak havoc to your otherwise healthy condition.

3. Cover up

Cover up-FluShotPricesCovering up your mouth or your nose while you are coughing or sneezing is just good, plain etiquette, flu season or not. It shows your level of civility when in public situations, because you are manifesting your concern to those around you.

Likewise, you should cover up your mouth and your nose when someone near you coughs and sneezes. You cannot do anything about his lack of concern for those around him, but you can do something to protect yourself from the virus that he has just spread.

4. Don’t dip your food in party sauces

Don’t dip your food in party sauces-FluShotPricesDips usually accompany party foods. And this is a great place for the cultivation and spread of the flu virus.

So, if you want to avoid catching the flu, you should not follow the example of your friends in a party who carelessly dip their foods in the party sauce. That’s the perfect recipe for getting sick, not just with the flu but with any type of disease.

In the same vein, you should refrain from eating group food, especially if someone in your party dips his own spoon on the food bowl to get his share. That is actually a no-no in a civilized society. But you know how things go awry in a party, so keep your guard.

5. Get the right amount of sleep.

Get the right amount of sleep-FluShotPricesDon’t fool yourself that you can last long even if you only sleep 4 hours at night. You can never fight off diseases with that kind of attitude. Your body needs its rest after you have run it through its course during the day.

The eight hours of sleep you give your body is the required time it recharges itself. Deprive your body with this rest and you won’t reach very far in whatever direction you are now taking.

In fact, if you are feeling sluggish, it is the time you need to have an extra rest. If you will not respond correctly to what your body says, you will provide an opening for the flu virus to do its dirty work.

6. Eat nutritious food.

Eat nutritious food-FluShotPricesEating a healthy diet is a sure way of strengthening your immune system. Of course, there will be times that it is more convenient to eat foods from fast food restaurants.

But if the majority of your daily diet is healthy and nutritious foods, you can be sure that viruses and other pathogens won’t be able to cause you any harm.

7. Get your flu shot.

Get your flu shot-FluShotPricesGetting yourself vaccinated is the most convenient way of avoiding the flu. There are a number of service providers, such as Walgreens Flu Shot Service that offer this kind of medical help.

When all else fails, you can count on a flu shot to keep the flu virus from getting inside your system. Before the flu season arrives, you should have one.